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Our Services

We have a large selection of services we offer to our clients.


African Over flight and Landing Clearance.

Apron crew transport.

Crew Accommodation.

Crew Transport off Airport pickup and drop off.

Cargo loading and off loading.

Charter handling.


Ground Handling.

Draw up Operation Manuals specific to South African Operations
Draw up Quality and Safety Manual specific to South African Operations
Registration and De-registration to and from the South African Civil Aviation register
Communicate and Co-ordinate with the South African Civil Aviation on behalf of clients.
Coordinate with Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) for Airport permits.
Coordinate with training institution for various ground handling and safety IATA accredited course in South Africa.
Servopact airline cabin insecticide, spray
Ground handling Safety Equipment
Arrange the production of Ramp Equipment
Repair of Ramp Equipment
Assist with the shipping of ramp Equipment
Assist with Dangerous Good Packaging and Shipping